Not my will, but Thine…

In my blog, I usually compare something common with a lesson about the Christian life or something from Scripture.  I acknowledge in advance that today’s comparison is ludicrous.  When Jesus was in the garden getting a grip on going to the cross, He said a prayer.  In it He basically said, Father, this thing isn’t My will, but Father since it is Your will, let it be done.  Luke 22:43 tells us that an angel from Heaven then appeared to Him and strengthened Him.  It didn’t take away the agony.  From this Scripture, it’s obvious that strength doesn’t take away agony.  Strength doesn’t take away pain.  Strength doesn’t take away suffering.

Thursday night in Huntington, Pastor Joe Hill was speaking to us and all the homeless and he had us pray a prayer in song.  It went like this:  “Jesus… Jesus… Jesus… Jesus… Jesus…”  And we repeated it several times.  He said sometimes all you can get out is “Jesus”.  And I believe when you call upon that Name, the results will be the equivalent of of an angel appearing from Heaven and strengthening you by way of the Holy Spirit.  Lyrics from the Andrew Peterson song, Silence of God go like this: “The Man of all Sorrows, He never forgot, what sorow is carried by the hearts that He bought… The aching may remain, but the breaking does not.”

Comparing our agony to Jesus as He’s waiting to be crucified is silly, I know.  But my point is that our suffering and agony in certain situations is real and may well be God’s will.   And when we call upon the Name of Jesus, He will strengthen us.  Jesus knows a thing or two about suffering and a thing or two about strengthening and overcoming.

“Jesus… Jesus… Jesus… Jesus… Jesus…”

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