Print this and bring it with you

Most of our friends know that Friday we’re leaving for Haiti for a week.  Some of my Facebook friends probably can’t wait until we’re gone because they’re sick of reading about it.  I remember in 2010 when we were in Abeadze Dominaise, Ghana, Africa and for a week we literally had no idea what was going on in the world.  In Haiti we will have a chance to get on the internet at the end of each day.

coopWe have a couple of wonderful people who have scheduled a great trip for us.  We are visiting a prison and feeding the prisoners, visiting an orphanage, and building a chicken coop among other things.  Our friend Carrie, who is a long term missionary there, sent me a link to this chicken coop.  This is the one we are building for a family there so they can raise chickens.  I pray it looks like this.  Lots of people from our church and community are helping us finance the coop and pay for chickens and feed.  Carrie told me to print the picture and bring it with us.  Of course, it’s because she doesn’t have a printer or computer in Grand Goâve, Haiti.

As I sit in a comfortable office chair, typing my blog on a computer in my office, listening to the Zac Brown Band, safely sheltered from the snow I can see outside my window, I know how fortunate I am that I was born in America.  And I know why it’s so difficult to convince people here that they need a Savior.  Most of us rarely need anything.  And for the most part, we don’t appreciate what we have.

It will be a pleasant change to spend a week with people who need so much and will be so appreciative of things we’re able to take with us like dollar store flip-flops, frisbees, ball caps, and Jesus — things we take for granted.

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