Don’t go quietly, but don’t go down in flames…

Sometimes I’m not sure what to write here.  This was the case this morning until one person sent me a text that said ‘don’t go quietly’.  It was at the end of a thought and I think they were talking about the next few months here until we leave for another church at the end of June.  That’s good advice, I guess.  ‘Don’t go quietly’ may have been the advice Brandon got when he went on Survivor for the second time.  If that was the advice, Brandon sure followed it as he didn’t go quietly last night when he was voted out of his tribe.  He went down in flames, but it was a crash and burn, not the proverbial blaze of glory.  There’s a difference.  Satan wants us to crash and burn.  God wants to see a blaze of Glory.

As followers of Jesus, we should not be quiet.  My friends Tim and his wife Jamie talked about sex slave trafficking last night as a guest speaker for our Wednesday night devotion.  It was a brutally honest assessment of the church’s ignorance of the issue and it was a blaze of Glory.  Too many in the church are quiet over this issue.

When we are indeed ‘going’ and don’t want to ‘go quietly’ as Christians, and when we are called to cause a ruckus, it must be in love and for the glory of Jesus.  Then we will have peace knowing it was a blaze of Glory and worthwhile no matter how others took it.  Don’t go quietly, but do go in love.

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