Nobody in Haiti cares about Kim Kardashian

Carrie just logged off her yahoo email account and left the yahoo page up here in Haiti.  The headline on yahoo was “Kim Kardashian Rocks Lacy Maternity Look.”  Most people here would not know who Kim Kardashian is and nobody here who does know who she is really cares.

They care about beans and rice and what they are going to eat today.  They care about their children being sick and not being able to get them medecine.  They care about finding a tarp to put on their roof.  And they care about people who care about them.

They want what we all want.  Food to eat, a safe place to live, being able to take care of our family, and others to care about us.  The difference is that most of us in the United States have been blessed with all those things, and more.  And since we don’t have to fret over those necessities, we fret over tv shows, celebrities, and sports.

We have been blessed to see people who have faith in spite of their circumstances.  I want to be more like them.  I’m off to a good start, because I never did care about Kim Kardashian.

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