Sitting in a Haitian Prison

We visited a Haitian prson yesterday which consisted of two small rooms with about 70 male prisoner per room.  They have no beds, they sleep on the floor and receive barely enough food to survive.  We took them bananas and peanut butter sandwiches today.  Marc, our traslator (and newest bestest friend), asked them if we could pray for them.  They said they had been waiting for us to pray for them.

One man handed Marc a note that said he received his papers to be released from prison 20 days ago, but couldn’t afford the $500 Haitain dolars ($125 US dollars) that he had to pay to be released.  He nor his family have the money for him to get out.  There he sits in a Haitian prison in horrendous conditons over $125.  Marc, in our devotion tonight asked, “What if it’s true?”  What if that guy is sitting in prison over $125?  How can we let him sit there?   We have someone checking to see if it is true.  If it is, we are going to come up with the money to have him released.  And as we have the whole trip, we’ll let him know that it is all because of Jesus.  Carrie, our missionary friend, is here because of Jesus.  We are here for a week because of Jesus.  And yesterday we went to the prison because of Jesus.  If he gets released with the money we provide, it will be because it is not our money, but Jesus’ money.  It’s all because of Jesus.  We thank Jesus for allowing us an amazing week in Haiti glorifying him.  We will hate to leave tomorrow.

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