Loving in the moment

adamDiane and I think about Marshall University campus pastor Ben Wells a lot when we’re around people who need love.  Ben spoke at our church and said with the kids he meets for a while at Marshall, all he can do is “love them in the moment.”  We’ve been doing a lot of loving in the moments here.

Yesterday we went to an orphanage and literally the very moment we walked onto the property we had kids reaching for us to pick them up and hold them.  This picture is so perfect because Adam is holding one and another is reaching to be held.  It was like that the whole day.  We fed them hot dogs and mangos and the love of Jesus.  And they fed us joy.  They gave us joy when they smiled, when they sang, when they danced, and when they hugged us with all their strength.  We have spent the last seven days being the hands and feet of Jesus.  And Jesus reminds us that when we do things on His behalf for children and people like these, we are doing them for Him.

Scripture says in some strange way, when we stand before Jesus He will tell us we held Him in an orphanage.  And we will say, “When did we see You in an orphanage?”  And He will say, “When you held those kids in the orphanage in Haiti, you held Me.”  We love in our moments, Jesus loves us (and them) every moment.

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