It’s God’s party and you’re invited

Yesterday’s blog did not begin as an attempt to raise $15,000 to help an organization purchase 10 acres of land in Haiti to build a girls’ home.  I’m not so presumptuous to think I could do that.  When I started writing, my intention was to justify why I could not donate and could not help raise $15,000 for property to build a girls’ home in Haiti.  I am already at peace about my frugal choices and financially supporting worthwhile projects and people.  Yet in the midst of my intentions, God had His own agenda, which is how it should be.  God was truly present in my blog writing yesterday.  By the time I finished, God had me taking the first step toward helping Happy Kids buy that property.  The wonderful thing about it is that it’s not my idea that I’m inviting God to participate in.  It’s God inviting me to participate in His plan!

The great thing about realizing that God is behind something is that all we have to do is what He asks.  If I do what He asks me to do, He will do what He needs to do to get it done.  We don’t invite God to join us on our mission.  He invites us to join Him on His.  It’s not us inviting God to our party.  He’s inviting you to His party.  Will you accept the invitation?

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