Cleaning out your closets

Little by little, Diane has been taking things to the Zerkle House.  She went through the hall closet the other day trying to get rid of stuff she doesn’t want to take with us when we move.  I went through my closet today and found 17 shirts to leave for the new pastor (with either Wahama, Mason UMC, or Marshall written on them.)  We all have closets and nearly all of us have things stored in them that we haven’t seen for a long time.  When people come to our homes, we usually like to make sure things are tidy.  We sure don’t want anyone looking through our closets.  That’s where we hide things.

And truth be known, we all have rooms and ‘closets’ in ourselves that we don’t show others.  We have closets we don’t want people to look in.  Sometimes, we even try to keep God out of the closets in our lives.  We’ll let Him in certain rooms that we feel like we have cleaned up, but the messy closet?

We know the entire house has to be cleaned out when we move.  The new pastor doesn’t want to come in to a garage full of junk.  When we invite God into our lives He sends the Holy Spirit to live in us.  The Holy Spirit needs to do a clean sweep.  There’s no need for us to hide things from God.  He can see right through those hidden places.

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