I don’t want to miss a thing (God has planned for me)

DSCN0005I took a picture of the sunrise this morning.  I know most of you who live near the Bend Area of WV/Ohio missed it.  And those of you who live in other parts of the country or world didn’t have a chance to see it from this little bend of the Ohio River.  It was beautiful.  Sometimes the picture tends to exaggerate the colors, but not this one.  Don’t fret if you did miss it.  Odds are that God might just provide another opportunity to see one something like it, it just will not be today.

Diane was reading the book Kisses from Katie in the car the other day.  It’s a book about a young woman called to Uganda to do live and do long term mission work.  Diane told me about a part of it.  Katie wrote that she believed she could have stayed in the United States and done work in Jesus’ Name and God would have blessed it.  But she believes God’s best blessing and His ultimate plan was for her to go to Uganda.

I never want to miss a thing God has for me.  When we went to Haiti last month, Todd (our trip organizer) said it was an ambitious schedule, every day filled with activity.  I said that’s the way we wanted it.  We didn’t want to miss a thing that God had for us there.  I can’t imagine if we had missed any of it.  God has a great plan for each of us.  We will undoubtedly stray from that plan on occasion and make some wrong choices and never know what we may have missed.  But even when we miss something, God still has this amazing ability to turn our wrong choices (even though we thought it may have been the right choice) into ways to bring glory to Him, thereby blessing us.  God is awesome.  He’s proving that by the beautiful sky today that you can not miss from this bend in the river.

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