Who God made me to be

Do you think most people like being surprised?  I guess it probably depends.  Would you want to know the date you were going to die?  That’s a big one.  Ever had a surprise party?  Sometimes we say, “That was a pleasant surprise!”  Other times I’ve said, “That sure caught me by surprise.”  Today’s blog isn’t going where you think.


Diane’s kitchen wall is close to her favorite color: Spring Green

This past weekend Diane and I were visiting the church we are being sent to.  They mentioned painting the parsonage.  If you know Diane or if you are a faithful reader of these devotions I write, you know Diane loves color.  (I posted this picture of our kitchen wall a few weeks ago.)  That’s just who she is and that’s one of the many, many things I love about her.  But I digress.  Where was I?  They mentioned painting the parsonage.  I know Diane – and I know that house is going to be colorful.  And she will more than likely have a living room painted a deeper earth tone color decorated with items from our trips to Africa and Haiti.  They told us they were going to paint the inside of the entire house plain old white.  We told them that Diane would paint the house.  God has not made her a ‘plain old white’ person.  She is a splash of color wherever she goes.  It’s who God made her to be.

She will have an open house for the church people after she gets done with the “Extreme Makeover: Parsonage Edition”.   Some of them will be surprised, but when they see the parsonage after she’s done – they will get an idea of who God made her to be.  They have no idea of the color that’s about to enter their lives.

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    The Creator has plans for us. I believe this to be true.

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