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I won’t have anyone saying, “If I had only known…”

Yesterday I called Foreman and Abbott, a local heating and cooling company, to look at the air conditioner at the parsonage.  The guy who came asked if his company installed our relatively new (2 or 3 years) AC unit.  I … Continue reading

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Riding bikes in the church parking lot – is it OK?

If the Gospel offends people, I think God is OK with that. What I don’t think God is OK with, is if we offend people with our own pettiness. Continue reading

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It depends what you compare it to

Well, last night was the last on our 2 week vacation.  We stayed at a 1 star “road trip” hotel in Carlisle, PA.  It’s a big change from the 3 star on the outskirts of Providence, RI we woke up … Continue reading

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“He made me so mad I wanted to throw him in the oven”

Last night we were watching Buddy the “Cake Boss” on the Food Network.  He was at a run down bakery that had been in a family for a few generations.  It was dreary, dirty, and dated.  Most of the 6 … Continue reading

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My preacher would never wear that

People who dress like me need to be welcome in every church, not just the church I pastor. Continue reading

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For all the world to see

Yesterday we stopped by Gloucester, MA for a moment.  There is a monument to fishermen lost at sea.  There are over 5,000 names of fishermen lost from the Gloucester port.  Among them is the crew of the Andrea Gail: Billy … Continue reading

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Choosing a church

This trip has been a nice reminder of what some people might go through when they are ‘looking for a church’.  I remember reading an article that one person wrote when she and her husband were looking to return to … Continue reading

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God is putting someone in your path

The indoor pool at our hotel has a lifeguard.  I’ve never seen a lifeguard at an indoor pool at a hotel before.  He was reading when we got there and there was nobody in the pool.  When Diane got in … Continue reading

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Oklahoma tornadoes and God: There are things we will never understand

Some people believe there is a God and that He put the world in motion, creating natural rules and laws and He is, for the time being, “hands off”.  They believe whatever happens happens and God is (or maybe has … Continue reading

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Irrelevant lighthouses, churches, and Christians

…lighthouses also make me sad when I think about how important they used to be and how today they serve only as photo opportunities Continue reading

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