If you’re only going to pray today, pray for this…

Diane just waved in the doors of the church to tell me she was hitting the road.  She’s going for a run.  She really started running a little over a year ago.  She had run intermittently before, but there was a moment on a night in February of 2012 that was a defining moment and a springboard to her faithfulness in running.  It was when she gave her word to Jamie Bailey that she would run on Jamie’s team (for little Ethan Redman) in the Columbus Nationwide Children’s Hospital Half Marathon in October of last year.  That February night was of the utmost importance, but the victory was not in simply typing those words to Jamie on the computer.  That decision and that moment are only made important and relevant by the faithful days of running that follow(ed) it.  We all know that a lot of people (including us) have moments where they (we) make decisions and then don’t follow through.

With that idea in mind, I want to make an argument about what we should pray for today, on the National Day of Prayer.  If you don’t normally bow and take at least several minutes to pray every day to the One, True, God – Father of our Savior Jesus Christ, then don’t take this one day to pray for health, world peace, and for your family.  You heard me.  If you don’t pray faithfully, don’t just ask God for blessings today.  Instead, pray that God would help you to use this time of prayer on the National Day of Prayer as a springboard, as a defining moment, to help you pray tomorrow.  And tomorrow ask Him to help you pray the next day.  And along the way as God helps you be faithful in prayer, you will naturally pray for the world and your family and health concerns.  But your main concern will be simply focusing on and communicating with God.  And like Diane and her running, before you know it, you will be having half-marathon time with God.

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