God knows what you need and what you don’t

Yesterday someone was looking for tile grout locally.  They were having difficulty finding it and I told them I was going to Parkersburg tomorrow (which is today) and asked them when they needed it.  They said they needed it yesterday.  Someone else nearby said, “Are you going to Sam’s tomorrow?”  I said yes and the person asked me to buy something for them.  Of course I am going to get it for them.  I’m sure there are others I know who need something from Sam’s Club.  I would love to get people what they need.  I just don’t know who needs what.  I probably even need things from Sam’s that I don’t even know I need.  Without fail, in a day or two I will need something and say, “I should have gotten that at Sam’s”.

And sometimes we don’t need things and think we do.  I remember 20+ years ago I was at my sister-in-law’s mother’s house.  Kathy, the mom, wasn’t there.  Four of us young people go looking for snacks.  Seriously, there must have been 6 boxes of Ritz Crackers in the cupboard.  And when Kathy got home, it turns out she had been to the grocery store.  One of us said, “Did you buy Ritz Crackers?”  And hand to God this is a true story (I hope Lori remembers it) – unsuspectingly, Kathy said yes, she did buy a box of Ritz’s.  You can imagine how we laughed.

God never experiences anything like that.  God never gives you anything you don’t need and never withholds anything you do need.  Nothing ever catches God by surprise and He never says, “I wish I had known…” or “I wish I had remembered…”   God never says, “If I had only known that Scott needed _______, I would have given it to him.”  God has never and will never say about you, “If I had only known that (your name here) needed (your need), I would have got it for him/her or given it to him/her.”  God does know your need and my need.  He already knows what you’re going to need tomorrow.  Matthew 10:29 says, “What is the price of two sparrows–one copper coin? But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it.”  God knows everything.  He knows what we need and what we don’t.  And we can take comfort in that.

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