Doing it another way

intinctionYesterday in church we enjoyed Holy Communion.  We normally have the bread cut into little cubes and the juice in individual disposable plastic cups.  Yesterday, as we occasionally do, we had a loaf of bread and a cup of juice and individually dip a piece of the bread in the juice.  We call that ‘intinction’.  I prefer the little cups.  Going last, I don’t prefer taking in juice that others have put their fingers in.  Before you think everyone puts their fingers in, I only saw two people yesterday.  Some people may be so against intinction that they don’t come up for communion.  I did offer anyone who had health concerns to come up first.  But for others, for one reason or another, intinction may be the better or preferable method of Communion.  For one thing, Intinction in a single cup and single loaf would be more like Jesus and the disciples did it.  But as I see it, those are preferences and overall one way is not better than the other, even though I prefer the individual little cups.  When it becomes a problem is when we think the way we prefer it is the right way and the other way is wrong and we get upset when it isn’t done ‘the right way’ (also known as our way).

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