Not Everyone has a Data Plan

I was away from a computer for a couple of days and was unable to email, answer Facebook messages, and/or blog.  I still have a flip phone and about all I have the ability to do is text.  I suppose it would be convenient to have a smart phone, but I don’t find that it is necessary.  I’m sure one day I will be forced to have a data plan.  I am on my sister-in-law’s phone plan and pay $10 a month for talking and texting.  It’s a bargain for sure.  People who have smart phones tend to think that everyone else has a smart phone.

It’s sort of like caller id.  People will call the church and leave messages and say it’s the same number that’s on the caller id.  We don’t have caller id at the church.  So if people don’t leave a message I don’t know they called.  Most people think I know they called.  It’s no different than everyone assuming that everyone else can watch Duck Dynasty.  I can’t tell you how many times people have told me they can’t believe I don’t watch a certain show and I tell them we don’t get that channel.

Likewise, not everyone is in the same place on their Christian journey.  Some people are definitely more like Jesus than others.  Some people are more forgiving and some less, some more giving and some less, some more able to deal with people who require extra grace and some less, etc.  (I’ll always remember that term ‘extra grace’, Debbie.)  While I get frustrated dealing with some people who have been Christians for a long, long time, who I think should be more like Jesus than they appear to be, it exposes my own need to be more like Jesus when I get frustrated with them!  We must all remember that the Holy Spirit is at work in all Jesus’ followers and the truth is we all have a long way to go to be like Him.

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