Don’t take a vacation from Jesus

Talking to a friend last week, I mentioned going on vacation.  I also mentioned helping a group feed homeless and those in need while we were in Providence.  My friend was surprised that I would be doing something like that on vacation.  I told him that I was on vacation from being a pastor in our church, but not on vacation from being a follower of Jesus.

It’s not a good idea to take a vacation to get away from Jesus.  When we are a follower, we are always a follower.  If we are in a place far from home where nobody knows us, it’s not like you then have permission to give people the finger when you’re driving just because nobody knows you!  Or it’s not like you go out and live like you never knew Him until vacation is over.

It’s the same with retirement.  You can retire from your job in the ministry or in a secular job, but nobody retires from being a follower of Jesus.  Claudia Thomas is a good example of this.  She retired a couple of years ago from her secular job and is now pretty much full time for Jesus.  Today, while we’re on vacation, Diane and I plan to take Matt and help The Elisha Project (their Facebook Page).  We’re on vacation, so we can do whatever we want!  And we want to glorify Jesus.

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