The excitement and the calm of the Holy Spirit

elisha familyToday is the day the church celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised to send.  In Acts chapter 2, we find out that the Holy Spirit comes as a strong wind.  The Message says, “gale force” and nobody could tell where it came from and it spread like wildfire.  The disciples started acting strange and talking real sentences in real languages that they didn’t know.  It would have seemed like chaos.  But God knew what He was doing.  And if it were chaotic, it wasn’t unplanned.

Yesterday when we helped The Elisha Project (EP) prepare and then hand out food on the streets of Providence, RI.  We were told that the 220 or so meatball sub meals we helped make would be gone within 15 minutes.  We were told that it works best if we stand in one place and people from the EP behind us would hand us the food to hand to the people.  It was, in the words of Joe Hill (who helps feed 100 or so every week at Johnson Memorial in Huntington, WV), organized chaos on the streets of Providence.  And they do it every Saturday.

Yet the Holy Spirit is not always a gale force wind.  Sometimes, the Spirit is in the stillness of a baby on a noisy street – a baby who is being raised in a family shelter.  And this baby is not unlike a baby who was born without a place to stay who had to be laid in a manger a couple thousand years ago.  God had a special plan for that baby so long ago and God personally oversaw the plan.  He still personally oversees things today and sometimes steps in to do miracles – sometimes with the chaos of a gale force wind and sometimes peacefully and more subtly.  I felt the presence and peace of God in that homeless baby on the chaotic street yesterday.  I pray that God steps in through the Holy Spirit when needed for that baby.  Thank God that He sent His Spirit.

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