It depends what you compare it to

Well, last night was the last on our 2 week vacation.  We stayed at a 1 star “road trip” hotel in Carlisle, PA.  It’s a big change from the 3 star on the outskirts of Providence, RI we woke up in yesterday.  Yesterday’s free hotel breakfast included sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, pancakes, french toast, 3 kinds of bagels, danishes and even more.  Today’s breakfast was stale fruit loops, corn flakes (which I didn’t try, but were probably stale as well), bagels, english muffins, juice, and coffee.  Compared to yesterday, it was terrible.  The bathroom isn’t the cleanest, either.

But we are comparing it to the very nice hotel we woke up in yesterday.  Compared to what I ate in Africa and where I went to the bathroom and where I sponge bathed, this is a very, very nice place.  And even though we stayed at a nice place in Haiti, we have hot water and cable TV here, and we didn’t in Haiti.

People say they don’t go to church because church people are hypocrites.  Well, of course they are.  Church people are just people like everyone else.  And some of them are saved by accepting Jesus.  People who say that about church people, should compare themselves to church people and know they themselves would fit right in in church.  When we decide if we need a Savior or need to be in church, we can’t compare ourselves to other flawed people.  In that instance, we compare ourselves to the perfect Son of God.  Do you need a Savior comparing your life to mine?  Probably not, you’re living as good a life as I am.  But do you need a Savior comparing your life to Jesus?  You know you do.  He was perfect.  The thing is, God isn’t going to judge anyone comparing them to the lives of those in church.  He will compare their lives to Jesus and they will fall short.  Fortunately, God will give us credit for His perfect life if we accept His perfect gift.  And there’s nothing that compares to that!

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