I’m going to miss my garbage collectors – people we take for granted

It is six days until we move to pastor another church.  You know who I’m going to miss?  If not for the title, you’d have never guessed it.  I’m really going to miss our garbage collectors (a shout out to Southern Ohio Disposal).  We’ve lived here six years and I feel pretty safe saying that in those six years they have never left one mess, they have never refused to take one thing we left out, and the cans are always left upright and in place.  It’s been pretty ugly the last 4-6 pickups at our house as Diane’s been throwing away things like we’re trying to lighten a sinking ship.

It makes me think about other people that we rarely think about or notice.  The truth is there are a lot of people that fall into that category.  On the other hand, there was nobody that was insignificant to Jesus.  There is still nobody insignificant to Jesus.  And I think the more we become like Jesus, the fewer of those people that there are.  Instead, we begin to see them as precious people that God loves, made in the image of God, and very significant to Him.

And heaven forbid you look at yourself as one of the insignificant people.  No matter how others look at you, treat you, mistreat you, or even ignore you, the fact is you have a God who loves you and who sent His Son to die the death you deserved.  If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it.

(And Pastor Tim – For the record, I hope the garbage collectors won’t miss me.  Add this to your list of things to do at Mason UMC:

  • I always give them jars of apple butter in October when our church makes it. 
  • I always give them some one pound chocolate peanut butter eggs each year when we make them for Easter. 
  • And I hose out the trash cans every week in the summer so they don’t get unmentionable garbage crawling bugs. )
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