Inviting others into the fun

I felt like an envious little kid today as I heard laughter across the field and saw people playing volleyball in the sand.  Let me clarify – I felt like a little kid watching other little kids playing and desperately wanting to participate, but being invisible to them.  I was going in and out of the garage working and not even remotely close to them.  Deep down, I would have loved to yelled up to Diane to join me and headed over to play volleyball.  And I am not looking for sympathy and the point of this post is not about me.

It was just a stark reminder to me of what it’s like to be the outsider.  It was a reminder of how the church and the Christians of the church need to be always on the lookout for people who come to church and to church functions who are not part of the ‘in crowd’.  Or even people who don’t have a church home, but need one.  Jesus frequently sought out people who were not part of the in-crowd.  Church fellowship and calling ourselves family is wonderful, but we must be a family that is always looking to add or ‘adopt’ new brothers and sisters.  Making new disciples is one of the main reasons the church exists.

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