Getting thrown for a loop

squirrelDiane has been taking pictures of a certain squirrel who comes to our front window and looks in the house.  He or she is crawling onto the bird feeders and shaking them to get bird food.  Diane said she saw it get thrown off one of the feeders and fall into a bush and within seconds it was right back up on a bird feeder.  He/she will not be denied.  All indications are that this is going to be quite the battle between that squirrel and me.  While I need to find a way to keep it from eating our bird food, I admire the little varmint for his or her persistence.  And there is something to be learned from the squirrel.  One thing that comes to mind is that some things are worth the effort.  When the squirrel got thrown to the ground, it went right back up there until it hit pay dirt.

While some pastors preach what is known as a ‘prosperity Gospel’ implying that God wants nothing more than to bless us, they are simply preaching what folks want to hear.  And that will draw crowds.  But those crowds won’t have the persistence needed to walk with Jesus when they don’t get what they were promised by the pastor.

Jesus’ own words tell us that there will be trying times if we choose to follow Him.  He says sometimes we may have to choose Him and turn away from our family.  He says that sometimes the world will hate us.  He says that sometimes He will call us to sacrifice.  But if we go into a relationship with Him with our eyes open, we will not easily fall away when those moments come.  And they will come.  Like the squirrel, sometimes we will get thrown for a loop.

But when we know those times are possible, the Holy Spirit will help us to persevere and make it through them with even more faith than when we first faced them.  And in the end, at the end of this life of ups and downs, we will hit pay dirt.  We will discover that truly the trials of this life were not worthy to be compared to the glory that awaited us.  Until then, we await in eager expectation, holding fast to His promises, and getting right back up each time we get thrown for a loop.

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2 Responses to Getting thrown for a loop

  1. Pat Abe says:

    It’s so wonderful to read your blog each day. I follow the Upper Room each day, and your blog is a great way to end my morning with God.

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