Knowing what they can become

DSCN0621The other day Diane and I were at Lowe’s.  In the past we have found some very good deals on perennial flowers this time of the year at Lowe’s.  (In case you didn’t know – when planted in the ground, perennials come back year after year.)  Diane found some that she wanted on the clearance cart.  We have been able to pick up flowers that look close to death for a dollar.   People who don’t know would just bypass these and pay full price for the healthy ones.  But we know something about these plants.  Our experience tells us that we can plant them, giving them room to grow, and next year they will come back beautiful.  And they will spread and the next year be just as beautiful and even stronger and healthier.  You see, we know that with our help what these plants can become.  Without us or someone like us seeing their potential and caring for them, they would undoubtedly be headed for the Lowe’s trash dumpster.  And some people who don’t know any better might think that’s where they belong.

Some of you know exactly where I’m going with this, don’t you?  Doesn’t God do the same thing with people?  Sometimes He takes the people that nobody would give you a nickel for, ones that appear hopeless, ones that have made every wrong decision possible, and/or ones that have been abused, neglected, and given up on, and He nurtures them and claims them as His own.  He can take a person that is on his/her way to the trash heap and God can make them some of the most beautiful and fragrant blossoms in His garden.    And it’s not because of who we are, but because of who God is.  And it’s all to God’s glory.  God knows what each of us can become if we will only let Him work in and through us.  Nobody is ever too far gone.

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