Quit trying to get Jesus to love you more. Instead try to love Him more.

There’s nothing I could do to make Jesus love me more than He already does. If I do what the Holy Spirit is prompting me to do or if I don’t, it will not change Christ’s love for me. Jesus has already proven how much He loves me. He died on the cross for me. And He has already proven how much He loves you – because He died on the cross for you too. There’s an old gospel song – “When He was on the cross, I was on His mind.” His sacrifice on the cross was for everyone who was ever born and everyone who would ever be born.  If you’re trying to earn His love, forget it.  He already loves you as much as He possibly can.  Don’t try to get Him to love you more.  Instead try to love Him more.

Something to think about:  Kids will tell you it’s not the things you buy for them or do for them that shows them you love them, but the time you spend with them.

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