Allowing room to grow

As I’m working on Sunday’s message, I wanted to share this part of it:

Today, for the most part I think people buy kids clothes that fit them.  But back in the day people were frugal and didn’t buy new stuff as often as we do for kids today.  Back then, a parent or grandparent would take a kid to buy a new pair of shoes or new clothes and they didn’t buy shoes or clothes that fit the kid.  They bought them a size or two too big.  That way the kid could grow into them.  You could always put a belt on the kid to hold those pants up until they grew into them.  I don’t think many people today think this way.  Today things need to be just the right size.

Like those old school shoppers who allowed room for growth, I think God is always allowing room for us to grow.  We are all still growing into what Jesus would have us be and into who Jesus would have us be. Nobody has faith that couldn’t stand to grow.  Nobody is perfectly obedient to the Holy Spirit that we don’t have room for growth.  We all still have room to grow.  It’s the old adage:  “God loves you exactly as you are, but doesn’t want you to stay that way.”  Perhaps you’ll even soon be having a growth spurt!

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