The proof of your conversion is in the life you live

I heard pastor James McDonald preach in a sermon this morning in which he said the proof of your conversion to Jesus is in the life you live.  God’s Word tells us that we are not saved by the life we live, otherwise known as works.  We are not saved by good works.  We are saved for good works.

To draw some conclusions, we are not saved by mission trips (although people have been saved ON mission trips) – we are saved FOR mission trips.  We are not saved by going to church – we are saved for going to church.  We are not saved by posting Christian things on Facebook – we are saved for posting Christian things on Facebook (and this is just another way of saying proclaiming the Gospel).

Only the blood of Jesus saves us.   And once we’re saved, the Holy Spirit of God enters us and things are different.  The life we live is the fruit that is produced, and the evidence of, our conversion to a life of following Jesus Christ.

If there is no evidence in our lives, it has to make us wonder if we’re just fooling ourselves.  Yet we also have to be careful not to fill our lives up with good works and allowing that to replace a personal relationship with Jesus!

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