A better Christian than me

spscottdianeThe first hour of mine and Diane’s mission trip to Long Island for a Hurricane Sandy rebuild was spent talking with a man named Jeff.  He had a great story about Jesus in a helicopter that I will surely talk about later in a blog or a sermon.  But one thing he said that struck Diane and me was that his wife was a better Christian than he was.  I asked him how she was a better Christian than him.  He said she read the Bible and prayed way more than he did.  This after he had just been talking about how she worried so much about their home and circumstances in the Hurricane and he said he had a peace and a faith that God would see them through it.

I told him it sounded like he has a great faith and his wife could use a little more.  He said that was pretty accurate and he had never thought about that before.  I told him that is sounded like his wife wasn’t a better Christian than him, but that each of them had different strengths and different weaknesses.  He had never thought of it that way.  And he basically said (almost to himself), “Huh, I guess she’s not a better Christian than me.”

It was an amazing God thing that we even met Jeff yesterday.  I told him, and then later Diane and I joked, that God may have had us drive 8 hours up here just to tell Jeff that he wasn’t an inferior Christian.  If that’s all we accomplish this week (which I know will not be the case) it was worth the trip.

We left a church full of people at Wesley Chapel UMC.  I wish with all my heart that some of them were on this mission trip with us.  I am certain that one day, many of them will be on one with us.  Yet, this trip doesn’t make Diane and I better Christians than them.  I don’t think there is any such thing a better Christians or worse Christians.  You either are or you are not.  The only thing that separates us as Christians is where we are on our walk with Jesus Christ.  We are all a work in progress and there are no inferior Christians.  And quite frankly, anyone who thinks they are a better Christian than others are just proving that they aren’t as far along on their walk with Jesus as they think they are!

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