One day it will all be exposed

On our mission trip to New York, Diane and I ran a little vacuum quite a bit in the house we were working on.  There was brown paper covering the floor from end to end, but sometimes that paper would get ripped and drywall dust and crumbs and other debris would get under the paper.  The problem is the laminate floor had already been laid.  If that debris gets between the paper and the laminate and people walk over it, the hardwood laminate flooring will be scratched.  So we ran the vacuum frequently to pick up the particles that had made their way under the paper.  This coming week, the paper will be pulled up and the floor will be exposed.  They will find out exactly what was under there that they missed and I pray the floor is not scratched up.

In the same way, one day all our sins will be revealed as we stand before the judgement seat of God.  For those of us who have Jesus Christ as our Savior, those sins have been covered.  In a way, you could use the analogy that we are the floor and Jesus is the paper protecting the floor.  But unlike the paper and laminate in the house we were working on, He covers our sin completely, leaving no chance for surprises when our lives are revealed.  Unfortunately, for those trying to cover their sins on their own, there’s going to to be a big surprise in the end when the covering is pulled away.  I pray there are no surprises when the paper is pulled from the floor at the home on Long Island, but pray even more that you call Jesus Lord and Savior and your sins are covered by the blood of Jesus.


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