Laying your head in Jesus’ lap

I listened to a sermon from the recently departed Brennan Manning the other day.  In it he relays a story about a woman coming to his door and asking him to go see her dying father.  He tells her he’ll be there in 10 minutes.  He goes and the daughter sends him to the room where her dying father lay and she leaves.  Brennan sees an empty chair next to the bed and says, “I see you were expecting me.”  The man says, “No. Who are you?”  As they talked, the man says that throughout his life he never knew Jesus and never knew how to pray.  Then one day a friend told him that praying to Jesus was just the same as talking to Him.  His friend said to set a chair across from him and picture Jesus there and talk to Him.  He did that.

He told Brennan that for the last four months he’s kept that chair by his bed and talked to Jesus for hours on end.  He wanted to know if that was praying and Brennan said it was, in the most awesome way.  The man said, don’t tell my daughter, she’ll think I’m crazy.  And Brennan left.

After some time, the daughter came back to Brennan and said that her father had died.  And she said the weird thing was that he died with his head resting on the chair next to his bed.  Brennan knew the man died with his head in Jesus’ lap.

So the question is, “When is the last time you laid your head in Jesus’ lap?”

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