Different paths and different ways to God and heaven

pathDiane ran along the old C&O Canal today.  (If you want to learn more about the canal, you can read about it here.)  They dug a canal that was 184 miles long (she did not run all of it, LOL) running from Washington, DC to Cumberland MD and operated from 1831 to 1924 to move goods back and forth on the water.  They had a path that ran alongside the canal that mules would travel on and pull the boats with ropes going from the mules to the boats.  This picture is Diane running on the path next to the canal.  Obviously there would not have been any trees between the path and the canal when they were using it.  Today, it’s a National Park and it’s a popular biking and running path.  It’s popular to ride the entire 184.5 miles over a few days stopping overnight to pitch a tent or stay in a bed and breakfast.  This is but one way to get from Cumberland to Washington, DC.  Most people will never ride a bike from Cumberland to DC.

You can also take a train from Cumberland to DC.  We’ve seen the train station.  It’s yet another way to get to our nation’s capitol.  Most people who travel from here to DC go by automobile.  One thing’s for sure, there are many ways to get there.  Bike, train, or car are all ways to get to DC and all take different paths.

Many people in the world believe they’re going to heaven to be with God and they think they are on the path to get them there.  Some think the right path is by being a good person.  Some think the path that will get them there is by following rules.  Some think the path requires them to pray 5 times a day.  Some think any of these paths will get you to heaven.  Tomorrow morning I’m going to talk to the congregation about what Jesus said.  Jesus said there was a way, and not just A way but there something He called THE Way.  As a matter of fact, He said He was THE way.  He said nobody goes to the Father unless they go by way of Jesus.  This is not vary popular in a “Don’t criticize my way and I won’t criticize your way” society.  But if I believe what Jesus said, the logical conclusion is that all these other paths do not lead to God in heaven.  Proverbs 14:12 says, “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.”

I hope that everyone who is on all these different paths will meet in the same place one day.  But I will live my life and try to tell others of this way that Jesus calls THE Way – by His death on the cross and His resurrection so that all who call upon the Name of Jesus shall be saved.

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