Pictures from the first day of school

This is my blog post from last year on the first day of school.  While I was blogging about the former church I served at Mason, there are good churches in every community.  I’m now in one at Short Gap, WV.  While my location has changed, the point of this blog post has not.

I’ve been seeing lots of pictures on Facebook of kids and young people dressed and on their way to school.  They will learn about math and science and grammar.  Some of them will participate in sports, cheerleading, band, choir, and other extra curricular events.  Parents and grandparents will make sure kids are always at practice, will make special trips to go pick them up.  Parents, grandparents, family, and friends will also go to watch them participate.  The kids know that what they’re doing is important by the way we treat it.

Depending upon their age, they will (or will eventually) also learn other things.  They will learn about peer pressure, sex, abuse, drugs, pornography, drinking alcohol, meth, bath salts, and more.  They’re going to listen to someone when it comes time to make decisions about these things.

We at the Mason UMC want to have a positive influence on your kids and grandkids.  We want to tell them how much God loves them and how precious they are to Jesus.  I know the local Baptist Churches, Soul Harvest, Fairview Bible Church, and all the other churches want the same – to have a positive influence on your kids and grandkids and to tell them of the love of Jesus.  You have to make it a priority to get them to church.  And you need to go, too.  They need to see it’s just as important as school and more important than the extracurricular activities.

We have a lady in our church the kids call Miss Ruth.  She takes the kids during the sermon on Sunday mornings and has church with them in their own area.  She is a another voice pulling at kids.  Hers is a voice pulling them in the right direction.  It doesn’t guarantee anything if you bring kids to church or if you come to church.  They will all make their own decisions.  But they stand a better chance when they hear words of love and encouragement about making the right choices.  Will you make church a priority in your family?  Their lives (and your lives) really do depend on Jesus.

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