He saved me to make much of Him

Yesterday in church I spoke about how each of us was the joy that was set before Jesus that enabled Him to endure the cross (Hebrews 12:2).  Next week I’m going to talk about Jesus telling the disciples to wait for the Promise of the Father from the first chapter of Acts, which is/was the Holy Spirit – a helper that would come to them and us.

And unless I make it clear, people could easily misunderstand and think, as Matt Chandler so eloquently puts it, that it is all because God is so into us – that it is all about us.  Does God love us?  More than we could ever know.  But the reason Jesus went to the cross to save us and the reason Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to empower us, is to make much of Him.  It’s not to make much of us.  Tozer says that God exists for Himself and we exist to glorify Him.  And lest you think that it makes God sound narcissistic (thinking the world revolves around oneself), who else would we worship?  Who else would we glorify?  There is none like Him.

He has saved us to make much of Him.  And He sends the Holy Spirit to live in us to bring glory to Him.  Does it benefit us that He saves us?  What kind of question is that?  Of course it does.  Does it benefit us that He sends His Spirit to us?  You betcha.  But we must never think it’s about us.  While it benefits us, it’s about Him.

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