Caught in an embarrassing position

Last night was our third Wednesday night dinner and devotion.  I love Wednesday nights.  Diane had this idea for dinners on Wednesday nights at our previous appointment at Mason and it morphed into something she never could have imagined.  We knew before we ever came to Wesley Chapel that we wanted to have weekly dinners here.  Not only was it a way for us to start a new ministry in the church, but I really like cooking and Diane really enjoys baking the desserts and trying out new recipes.

I typically spend a lot of the day on Wednesdays in the church kitchen listening to music and sermons while cooking.  I hook the laptop up to the sound system in the social hall so it comes out the social hall speakers.  Yesterday I had listened to one of my favorite sermons of all time from Paul Washer.  (It’s an hour you’d never forget if you have time to watch it here.)  After the sermon I was playing Newsong’s Rescue (I Need You Jesus).

One of the best things about not having a church secretary is that I am alone in the church a lot through the week.  As the hamburger cooked, I was singing along with Newsong at the top of my lungs worshipping Jesus, “…there’s no other Name by which I am saved… capture me with grace… I will follow You… I will follow You”.  Suddenly someone else was in the room.  No it wasn’t Jesus or an angel.  It was someone from the church who came in to talk to me about the garage door opener they’re putting in.  I was embarrassed.  I can’t sing.  I really had the feeling that I had been caught in an embarrassing situation.  And last night, I mentioned it to Diane and she said, “He probably though it was cool.”  And she’s probably right.  He’s a brother in Christ.  And then I thought, “What does it matter?”  I love my Wednesdays with Jesus.  And I will not let the risk of embarrassment keep me from that time with Him.  Next Wednesday I will be right back there listening to sermons and making a ‘joyful noise’ unto the Lord, sometimes at the top of my lungs, as I grill chicken in Jesus’ Name.

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