Espionage, Sabatoge, and Covert Ops

This is a blog I did a year and a half ago. I may talk about this a little in church today and thought it was worth sharing again.

Scott Knowlton's Blog

The cover of the Feb. 25/March 5 issue of Newsweek had a picture of a group of filthy people running towards the camera with their mouths open screaming.  The headline read, “The Seals: How Obama Learned to Use His Secret Weapon.” The article inside talks about the SEALS “taking out” the Somali pirates that were holding hostage the captain of the cargo ship Maersk Alabama.  It also chronicles the SEAL’s involvement in other operations including the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.  While the Newsweek story focuses on a few well known and well documented missions, most of what the SEALs do go unknown to the masses.  And while most of the publicized missions involve killing, I’m guessing that most of their efforts focus on saving people.

One of the questions that I have to answer for the Board of Ordained Ministry to become an elder in the UMC is…

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