Everyone is wrong about God

Do me and yourself a favor, if you have recently suffered a tragic loss, don’t read this blog.  I mean it.  Find something else to read.  This is just a deep theological post today, not meant to comfort.  I usually hide the theology in a story or event, but not today.  This isn’t post that’s going to give you the warm fuzzies.  It’s straight forward talk on who I believe God is the best I can comprehend Him, which is never adequate.  I’ve read theologians who have said, “Whoever we visualize God to be, He is not”, hence the title today, “Everyone is wrong about God”.  Any effort to explain or describe God falls short.  That being said, let me fall short with today’s post.

I read a story of a tragic accident that resulted in a death of a young man.  In the comments to the article someone wrote, “Why does God let these tragedies happen?”  That’s a question that often gets asked in times like those.  Let me begin by saying God does not need me to defend Him and however people feel about Him does not make Him greater or lesser, or add anything to Him or take anything away from Him.  He is perfect and complete and does not need our approval.  He does not now, nor ever will stand before us to be judged.  We stand before Him to be judged.  We will never rightfully say to God, “Explain yourself!”  So this is not to defend God.  He needs no defender.  And some people might say, “I don’t like a God like that or I don’t want a God like that,”  And all I can say is we don’t get to choose what God is like, even though we tend to take an attribute of God that we do like and focus on it.  “God is love” comes to mind.  God really is love, but love does not completely define God.  God defines love.  God is not only love, but so much more.

God is also fair and just.  And while I don’t believe God caused the accident, I believe God allowed the person to make the decisions that led to the accident and knew what the result would be.  And because of His grace and mercy, God was fair and just in allowing the person to live a long enough life to make a decision about his eternity.  God owes us nothing, but has graciously given us a way of escape.  He has told us in the Bible about Jesus and what we must do to become His child and be saved.  And He has told us that while this life will be filled with ups and downs for everyone, even His children, when this life ends we will stand before Him.  We all will.  And ultimately, while He would have every right and be able to, God does not decide who spends an eternity with Him or apart from Him.  We each decide our own eternity.  But we don’t get to choose the way we get there.  Jesus said He was the way.  And if you do not like that, it does not matter.  God made the way.  And while a tragedy often makes us ask questions of God, we would be better served to ask a question of ourselves, “Am I ready to face God when my time comes?”

And as a post script:  If you think the entire “God thing” is a myth and only gullible people believe there is a supreme being that created things, the truth is the truth.  I believe I know the truth and you believe you know the truth.  One of us is wrong.  For your sake, you better hope it’s not you.

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