Something has to change in order for things to change

It seems like a redundant thing to say that something has to change in order for something to change.  And I don’t believe the old adage that the more things change the more they stay the same.  Things stay the same when nothing changes.  I gained about 8 pounds in the weeks prior to and the weeks that followed moving to Short Gap.  And I have not gained or lost any weight since.  I want to lost that 8 pounds.  Friday Diane and I went to Hagerstown for the day.  I was standing at the donut counter and was going to get an apple fritter on our way home.  I didn’t.  When Diane asked why, I told her, “I want to lose a little weight and I’m not going to lose it eating apple fritters.”  It sounded ridiculous to say it.  I certainly know that eating apple fritters does not lead to weight loss.  I know what does lead to weight loss – exercise and yogurt.  It’s not that I don’t know that, it’s just that apple fritters are so delicious.

We rarely ever hear someone admit it, but often times doing the wrong thing is fun (at least at the moment).  In my experience, the wrong foods taste better than the foods that are good for me.  And we eat the wrong thing, or do the wrong thing, and we are satisfied in that moment.  But it doesn’t take long to regret it.  Whatever it is that you would like to see changed is going to take change on your part.  Sometimes we can change things on our own – I can resist the apple fritter if I want to.  But sometimes real life changes require an outside force.  That’s where Jesus comes in.  Sometimes instead of trying to handle things on our own, we need to turn to Him.  He wants to change us, and it’s never for the worse.  It’s always for the better.

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