If you’re in the middle of it right now…

I watched a Samaritan’s Purse video this morning about the floods in Colorado.  They received as much rain in 3 days as they normally get all year.  They are used to wildfires and snowstorms, but they are saying this is a flood of Biblical proportions.  In the video (that you can see here) a pastor says, “If you are in the middle of it right now, reach out.  Reach out to somebody and ask for help.”

It’s a reminder to me that God works primarily through other people.  If you are having struggles right now, if you’re in the middle of it right now, reach out to a Christian friend.  You may even need to seek counseling from a professional.   And I have no doubt there are people who love you, who care about you, and want to help you make it through the storm.  When you ask for help, it’s often a way God will use to help you weather the storm until it passes.  (Think of it like another person helping you bail the water out of the boat!)  God works even in the midst of the storms and will use others to help you make it to the other side.

“God, You are the Light, and in you there is no darkness.  But sometimes when we are going through difficult times, all we can see is darkness.  Often that’s because we have our heads down staring at the ground.  Help us to lift our head and look up.  And when we do, show us a ray of Hope.  Help us to know who You have placed in our lives for us to turn to.  You will never leave us alone.  You will always make a way of escape.  Help us to see the Light you provide, which darkness cannot overcome.  We thank You for your promises and for the Hope you offer through Jesus Christ, in whose Name we pray.  Amen”

This is a great video about overcoming the darkness in our lives.  But we have to run to Jesus, not away from Him.








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