Ready for a new thing?

In a comment in my Bible, Max Lucado talks about an exercise bike.  he says it’s the perfect illustration for our lives.  It represents what we have (poor health, excess weight, etc.) and what we want most (to be different.)  It also represents what most of us spend our lives doing (pedaling furiously and getting nowhere.)  It’s high activity and low achievement (unless you stick with it and do lose weight, which we both know rarely happens.)  I remember a friend of mine years ago talking about his BoFlex.  He said that BoFlex amazes him more and more each day.  I was impressed with his big talk and he said what he is impressed by is the amount of clothes it continues to hold and they continue to pile them on it. But I digress.

We all know the phrase “same old, same old.”  Some people find going to work and what they do at work same old same old.  Some people find their marriage same old, same old.  Just as sadly, if not more so, others look at church as the same old, same old.

This flies in the face of Scripture.  In Isaiah 43:19, God says, “Behold, I will do a new thing…”  God is willing to do a new thing in your life, in your experience of church, in your work, or in any other area you’re having that same old, same old feeling.  The problem is he leaves it up to us to decide to change. If you’ve been peddling like crazy and getting nowhere or if you have just quit peddling, don’t despair.  God is willing to do a new thing if you are.

Perhaps it’s by adding a daily Bible reading.  Or beginning a new ministry you have been thinking about.  Perhaps it’s starting a short devotion/prayer time before work AT WORK.  Maybe it’s going to church 15 minutes early and praying over the pews or chairs.  I don’t know what it is.  I think you probably have an idea of something new in your life.  If not, be on the lookout.  There’s a reason you read this today.

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