Sometimes God comes through because our faith is fragile

I believe God answers prayer.  And I know we can get into theological discussions about ‘God answering all prayer, it’s just that sometimes He says no’ type of discussions to explain the requests he does not answer in the affirmative.  But if we’re being honest, sometimes we’re baffled that we pray God glorifying prayers on behalf of others and He does not see fit to grant our intercession.  And I know that sometimes it takes pain and tears to get people to their knees.  I’m saying all this to try to make the point that God knows what He’s doing.  And any prayer that doesn’t go our way is not because God doesn’t love us, but rather has His reasons which our feeble minds cannot understand.

But I think God sometimes comes through because our faith is fragile.  And we can’t fake fragile faith to get our way.  God knows the fakers.  I’m thinking specifically about the guy in Mark chapter 9.  He said he believes, but he also has unbelief.  And the request he was making was that Jesus would heal his son.  The guy even says to Jesus, “…if you can do anything…”.  I think the guy’s faith was fragile and that may well have been the reason Jesus healed the guy’s son.  I know I’m reading into it, but I have no doubt that sometimes God answers prayer because He knows something can be a defining moment in our faith journey.

On the other hand, it stands to reason that God knows some peoples’ faith is at the point where an unanswered prayer (otherwise known as a ‘no’), is going to strengthen their faith even more!  Especially when they later get to see the reason their prior prayer wasn’t answered!

Today’s blog is not necessarily a certainty, but I hope it makes you look at this possibility when it comes to answered/unanswered prayer.  What is certain is that Jesus loves you and proved that by dying to save you from your sin.  So that through good times or bad, through answered or unanswered prayer, His wish is for our faith to grow stronger and that we would draw closer to Him.

Kutless – That’s what faith can do…






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