We are Jesus’ ‘Valley People’ here on earth.

In my Oswald Chambers reading this morning he talked about Jesus’ transfiguration in Mark 9.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Jesus took some of His disciples up on a mountain and they saw a miracle.  We get the impression they wanted to stay on the mountain.  Jesus knew they needed to go back down from the mountain.  Jesus knew there was work to do.  He had work to do on the cross and Peter had work to do in preaching the first church sermons.

This is where we get the term ‘Mountaintop Experience’.  Scripture tells us that one day we will be living on the proverbial mountaintop.  One day followers of Jesus will be face to face with God and there will be no more sickness, no more hunger, and no more tears.  But today there is sickness, there is hunger, and there are tears.  And if all the Believers and the church were to stay on the mountaintop and be withdrawn from the world, can you imagine how dark this world would be?

God’s grants us sunrises, sunsets, and mountaintop moments in life to inspire us and give us hope.  And those moments of inspiration empower us to go into the valleys to offer that hope to others and face our own future unafraid.  As much as we would love to stay on the mountain, we are made to shine our light in the valleys of life.  And sometimes, even from the bottom of the mountain, we get to see the beauty of the mountain.


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