Putting yourself second

Our church is hosting the Frankfort High School Football team tonight for dinner.  It’s Homecoming week and as I understand it the boosters/moms/school have scheduled some things for them this week.  Today is ‘geek day’ at the school.  Tonight our church will feed them spaghetti here at the church.  I’m thrilled that we can participate.

There was one problem.  It’s the night the United Methodist Women meet and they always meet in the social hall where we would have to host the team.  This could go one of two ways:  1 – the UMW could be possessive about their usual meeting time and place, being upset that they were being asked to move, or 2 – They could cheerfully step aside, celebrating the fact that 70 young, impressionable men are going to meet in the church for dinner.

The UMW president said it would be no problem – they usually have around 20 women and they could meet in a big classroom upstairs.  And she said she would come help feed the team before the meeting.

I boldly and hopefully pray that seeds are planted tonight in our social hall that will impact some young lives.  And I pray that when the members of the UMW each get to heaven, they can see the marvelous things that resulted from what God did with this night that they put themselves second.





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2 Responses to Putting yourself second

  1. coachbarr says:

    Ok……tearing up right now. AWESOME way to minister to young people!

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