The sharpest tool in the shed

I have said and heard dozens of times that Jesus’ disciples were, as the old phrase goes, not the sharpest tools in the shed.  And everyone knew it.  While most rabbi’s at the time went around finding and choosing the brightest people to be their disciples, Jesus chose the ones He chose not worrying about their intellect.  And although I’ve never preached or heard a sermon on the subject, it seems like He chose the ones who had a good work ethic.  Even tax collectors, while perhaps misguided, had to be hard workers.  I believe that’s one of the things I have going for me as a pastor and as a follower of Jesus.  Lazy people rarely make good pastors or good disciples.  And I’ve said over and over that it’s not about earning anything from Jesus, it’s a desire to work for Him for what He has already done for us – not for what we will get in return for the work we do in His Name.

Being a follower of and witness for Jesus is not about knowing everything.  Sometimes people are afraid they won’t have all the answers if they talk to someone about Jesus.  That’s satan trying to keep you from professing Jesus.  While I don’t know everyone here at Wesley Chapel well enough yet, I can guarantee you I am not the smartest person in the church.  There are people here who have more Scripture memorized that I do.  There are people who know the Bible better.  At Mason, I know that Dixie McCauley knew the Bible better than I do.  Carol Browning knew the Bible better than I do.  And while they were great witnesses for Jesus, it wasn’t because of their Bible knowledge.  It was because they love Jesus and they want to serve Him.

This may be the most important blog post I’ve ever put out there.  I’m telling you that if you love Jesus and you want to serve Him, you have all you need to be a force for Him.  You don’t have to have all the answers.  Sometimes, “I don’t know” is a valid and appreciated answer.  If you know God saved you through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus and nobody is beyond His reach, you know all you need to know.  Sometimes people are so smart and know so much that they are unable to communicate what they know.  That’s another thing I have going for me as a pastor – a simple person putting the Good News of Jesus in simple terms.  You can do that.

(A not-so-sharp tool that is used all the time is of greater value than the sharpest tool that stays in the shed.)







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