Enjoying Life – Finding Meaning

In the movie Jerry McGuire, Tom Cruise is a sports agent who has a moment of clarity and sends out a manifesto declaring the immoral methods of the agency he works for.  The next morning he had second thoughts and wished he could take it back, but it was too late.  Last night I almost posted something when I read a USA Today article saying that average transaction prices for full-size pickups are $40,000 to $42,000.  According to Edmunds.com  the moment you drive it off the lot, it’s worth about $35,000.  After 5 years it’s worth about $15,000.  But thought I should just forget about it.  Sometimes I feel like I’m always complaining or criticizing.

Then I was reading fromdogbirthday Ecclesiastes this morning.   In chapter 2 Solomon said he built himself great homes with great gardens and all kinds of fruit trees.  He had lots of servants, gold and silver, the greatest herds and flocks anyone in Jerusalem had ever seen.  He had his own singers and people who played every type of instrument.  And in verse 11, after telling of everything he had acquired, he said it was all meaningless.  And after reading this, my mind immediately went to what I was thinking last night.  And I thought:  God I’d rather blog today about this cute retriever at the table with a birthday cake.  Everyone will love it.  But noooooooooo.  God wouldn’t have me talk about cute dogs and birthdays today, but about what Solomon learned.

Solomon realized that there was and is a void in us – an emptiness if you will.  It’s a void that we try to fill with new trucks and vacations.  We try to fill it with alcohol and drugs.  We try to fill it with relationships and work.  We fill it by hoping for others’ approval, such as hoping people ‘like’ our Facebook posts or our blogs (OK, hardly anyone blogs – that one is for me, but you know you like it when people like your Facebook posts.)  We can even try to fill it with things that are good for us like exercise.  Yet Solomon says nothing can fill the emptiness.  It’s a bottomless pit in which we can keep pouring our worldly things and it’s all in vain.  That is until we find the one thing – or rather the One Being, who designed us in such a way that only He could fill that void in us.

St. Augustine put it best when he said, “God You have made us for Yourself and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in You”.

AND HEAR THIS – In Ecclesiastes 2:24-26 Solomon said there is nothing wrong with enjoying a good life and being grateful for it.  It’s not necessarily a sin to buy a new truck, go on vacation, or exercise.  But it’s different for each of us.  (Buying a new truck would certainly be a sin for me with my income).  With Jesus at the center of our lives, the Holy Spirit will let you know what you should enjoy and what you should abstain from – and it’s definitely different for everyone.  This life is a gift from the One who created us and we are to responsibly enjoy it as we glorify and praise Him, from whom all blessings flow.






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3 Responses to Enjoying Life – Finding Meaning

  1. Christina raper says:

    My husband loves his dog. I enjoyed your blog.

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