So unbelievable that it has to be from God

I doubt that anyone who lives in our day has ever had an idea from God that’s so far-fetched as Noah’s building the ark.  I’ve never thought about it until today, but if I were Noah I think building the ark would have been the third craziest thing God said.  To me, the fact that God was going to flood the earth and destroy everything would have been the first, although that wasn’t something Noah had to do.  The second most unbelievable thing (which Noah would have thought he did have to do) was when God said to fill the ark with every kind of animal:  two of this kind, seven of that kind (Genesis 7:2-3).  Build an ark?  Sure, I can do that, but all those animals?  That seems impossible.  The Sunday School version has the animals marching into the ark in pairs of two.  We don’t really know how it went down.  We don’t know if Noah and his family had to gather the animals.  Either way it was so unbelievable that it had to be from God.  And building an ark would have sounded like the less crazy of the two ideas to me.  About 10 years ago, becoming a pastor was a pretty crazy idea I thought God had for my life.

And now that I believed and God has brought it to fruition, sometimes I know people in the church think some crazy impossible things come out of my mouth – six hundred people worshipping at our church within 5 years comes to mind (at this church which has averaged somewhere in the 120’s for the last 10 years).  But I really believe God gave me that vision.  I love it that He did, too.  If He had said 200, that’s not really beyond belief.  We’re well on our way there.  There’s also a chance I could be wrong, even though I’m convinced that’s the vision He gave me.  And when God brings us to that point in five years, we will have no choice but to praise Him for His unbelievable works.

Which leads me to why I’m on this thought process today.  This morning I was wondering/praying/listening about what He would have me say when I speak to prisoners next month at their graduation ceremony.  We’ll be celebrating their achievements in earning their GED’s and varying degrees.  He gave me a title that I would not have chosen for a prison:  Bloom Where You’re Planted.  I know this is a pretty petty example of the unbelievableness of God, but it certainly seems a more fitting title for the Garden Club than at a prison where I’ll be speaking to Jews, Christians, Muslims, Native Americans, and Wiccans.

Sometimes in our lives we’re too afraid to speak and move forward with the vision God gives us.  I think we’re primarily afraid of what others will say if it doesn’t pan out.  What if “Bloom Where You’re Planted” is a big flop?  What if we’re worshipping 120 people in five years?  It would be easy to say I should have never said that because there will be people around who will surely say, “I told you he was crazy when he said God gave him a vision.”  But how many miracles are left undone because we let ‘what others will think’ drive our choices and keep us from stepping into God’s plan?  When we read over and over in the Bible, “Do not fear”, I believe one of the main things we fear today is tarnishing our good reputation.  And when that fear wins in your life preventing you from stepping into God’s promises and what God is blessing, it leaves you with a life of unremarkable mediocrity.






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