When Satan can get us focused on something (anything) other than what matters

When a magician does his or her tricks they often wave one of their hands.  They are trying to get you to watch that hand as it graciously glides through the air.  The magician is trying to distract so you will not see what he or she is really up to with the other hand.

One of Satan’s biggest weapons is distractions.  A friend of mine shared with me about a church meeting he was in that they spent 30 minutes debating whether to use paper plates or real plates for a dinner.  My friend said he finally said something like, “This is ridiculous.  What does this have to do with Jesus?”  They willingly debated dishes for 30 minutes, each side with their heels dug in.  He didn’t say which they used – I know you’re curious.  What if, after 5 minutes, someone had said, “Do you think Satan may be trying to distract us?”

American church meetings will open with a 30 second prayer and then diligently debate dishes for 30 minutes.  If we would open meetings praying for 30 minutes I have a feeling the meetings would go a lot faster.  But how many people would throw a fit that a pastor started a meeting out with a 30 minute prayer?

And so it goes.  We say our 30 second obligatory prayer and debate colors of doors and carpet, whether to dunk your communion bread or have the juice in little individual cups, what type of music we like or don’t like, how we can keep people from wearing ball caps in church, and how the ushers should be dressed.  All the while, Satan is laughing as the church debates the irrelevant issues and world goes to hell.






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