One day our lives will be exposed

DSCN1067We have a billion or so birds around our home.  We have the bird food only the 1% can afford with the fruit and nuts for Diane’s woodpeckers.  We also have the generic bird food that I can afford, along with sunflower seeds, and thistle (nyjer) seeds for the gold finches.  We also have a big maple tree in the front yard that the birds love when it’s full of leaves in the summer.  Being that this is our first fall here, we’ve never seen the tree without the leaves.  Now that the leaves are gone, the birds can no longer hide in the tree.  They can still go to the tree, but we can easily see them.  We can also easily see the nest that is in the tree.  I suspected there was a nest there, but there was no way to see it before.  Now there is no missing it.

Like the tree in the summer, our lives can easily hide things.  We can hide addictions, prejudices, idols, pride, and all types of sin.  But we’re only really hiding them from the world.  To the One who created us, our entire lives are just like the tree without the leaves – completely exposed.  He sees through the proverbial leaves.  And one day we will all stand before Him and give an account for our lives.  And all will be overlooked based on one thing – the life of Jesus.  Which means we don’t have to try to hide things from Him.  Confess them, turn them over to Jesus, and be forgiven.  You will have nothing to hide.


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