The rushing stream of new life

I’m studying for Sunday’s sermon.  The Scripture text is from Acts 5 when Gamaliel tells his fellow Pharisees to let Peter and the other disciples go because if they are of God there will be no stopping them anyhow, and if they are not of God then their efforts will come to nothing.


Matt and Dakota in the ‘rushing stream’ that is the New River in West Virginia.


Our raft running into some rough water on the New River.

I stumbled upon an analogy I love.  A commentary says, “Gamaliel was running with a current that had run its course.  Peter was moving with the rushing stream of new life.”  And don’t confuse this with age, but rather think of it as the state of our soul dependent upon our relationship with Jesus.  There were some Pharisees that left the current that was barely moving and was becoming stale and stagnant and entered the rushing stream of new life.  Most of the religious people of that time did not want to get in the rushing stream of life.

The rushing stream of new life is unpredictable.  Sometimes a rushing stream takes you places you wouldn’t choose to go.  Sometimes you can step out of the boat and float in the stream and let it carry you, but you’d also better know listen to your ‘guide’ when He tells you to get back in the boat.  I love the comparison of the Christian life with a rushing stream and more specifically – whitewater rafting.

Jesus was making the same point when He used the illustration of a wide path that most people travel which leads to destruction and a narrow gate that leads to life.  While God never changes, He’s also not stagnant.  He’s always doing something new.  And the Gospel never changes, it continues to offer a rushing stream of life.  It’s up to each of us whether we enter it, which we can only enter through Jesus.





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