Thanking everyone we take for granted

When Diane, Adam, and I were at a Haitian orphanage in March, we met an American family who moved there as long term missionaries to proclaim Jesus to the people of Haiti.  They are back in the states for a little while.  I am their friend on Facebook.  The wife/mother part of the family just wrote, “I am enjoying the luxuries of hot water, flushing the toilet without having to turn a valve and wait for the tank to fill up, and being able to brush my teeth with sink water.”  I wrote, “Lucky you’re not staying here or you’d be taking it all for granted again like the rest of us.”

In this month that includes Veteran’s Day and that we celebrate Thanksgiving as a national holiday, I thank God for people we take for granted – people who are often called to give up their luxuries for the sake of others.  I thank God for Veterans and those serving in the military, often times fighting for freedom for us and others.  I thank God for missionaries who go to harsh places to spread the Gospel.  And as I started to list some others, I decided not to because I don’t want to omit anyone.  But I do especially thank God for everyone who answers His call on their lives.  Some being blessed to live out that call in comfort and others being blessed in other ways to live out that call in scarcity and difficult circumstances.

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2 Responses to Thanking everyone we take for granted

  1. Eileen White says:

    We certainly do take for granted the people who are in harms way to protect us or to help others.
    I grew up with everything, never wanted for anything still don’t, but Bob on the other hand grew up with nothing, and I can’t get over how compassionate he is for those who really do not have. He says that is why he works the food pantry, he feels like he is giving back some.

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