An encouraging word from the Philippines as we remember the Philippines

I have a bunch of written sermons on my blog so that anyone anywhere can translate them into their language and/or use them however they want.  There is one about Jesus calming the storm.  Part of it goes like this:

In this case, Jesus calmed the storm.  If He had not, it would not have been because He didn’t care.  When Christ is with you, even when the worst storms of this life batter against your ship, even if your ship goes down.  If when the cancer is fatal, we will not perish if we have Christ.  We can’t ever ask, Jesus if He cares if we’re perishing.  He has already shown us He doesn’t want us to perish.  He died on the cross to keep us from perishing.  He did all that was necessary to make sure that when our ship goes down, when our earthly lives end, that we do not perish.

Someone from the Philippines, which got hammered by the typhoon, encouraged me this evening with these words:

Thousands of people perished in my country, Philippines, due to typhoon Yolanda the other day as reported by CNN. Does God really cares, one may asked? Your message answers that question.
Search and rescue are on going, food and medical aids are coming in, gov’t. and different NGO’s are lending hands to make lives a little bit comfortable to the victims and grieving families.We are grateful.
But the sad truth is people die whether by natural cause or by a typhoon such as this one. It is God’s desire the no one should perish but come into repentance and be with Him for all eternity.
I am with you brother that we as followers of Christ must continue the work that Jesus has started.
Share the message of Love and forgiveness that is found in Jesus alone. Then we too can say, we Care because Jesus cares that we all should not perished. He died and rose again.
Thank you brother Scott. Stay blessed and continue the work that the Lord has entrusted upon you.

I thank the Lord for the type of faith that glorifies Him in the storms.  Let’s remember to lift them in prayer and not quickly forget the devastation and loss they have experienced.  And let’s pray that this tragedy draws them closer to Jesus.

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