God hasn’t forgotten…

Sometimes I forget things.  I forgot to take the food to the school for kids to take home in their backpacks for the weekend the first week I was responsible to do it.  I probably would have forgotten to send a short bio to someone this week (it’s for a place I’m speaking, not an application for a new job) if they hadn’t sent me an email reminder.  I did remember that I told someone I would write a letter of recommendation for them and so they would know I haven’t forgotten I sent them an email yesterday telling them that I hadn’t forgotten them, but I would send their letter next week.  I can’t forget I have lunch with someone tomorrow.  Can you relate?

And then I think about God, who never forgets – who has never, ever failed to keep a promise and never been late.  And He’s never overwhelmed or surprised.  And sometimes we act like God is like us.  Sometimes we feel like we have to remind Him, like He’s been busy with something else and has overlooked us.  And that is never the case.  If there is something you have been praying for, know that He has heard you, He continues to hear you, and you are not forgotten.  There’s nothing wrong with persistent prayer, but don’t pray like God didn’t hear you the first time.  God puts the best calendar-keeping, multi-tasker you have ever known to shame.  Not only has he not forgotten you, but you can rest assured that He is at work in whatever situation it is that you have been praying about.  He has had a plan for your prayer and need from the time He created the earth.  So hang in there and keep the faith even when it seems like He has forgotten you, because He hasn’t.  God hasn’t forgotten.

(The only thing God ever forgets is our sin, when it’s covered by Jesus.  And sometimes we keep beating ourselves up over our sin long after God has forgiven and forgotten it.)





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