God’s ‘Blessing Boomerang’

I was blessed to get to be the speaker for the the 2013 graduation ceremony at a federal prison near our church.  There were probably 60 inmates present.  I was asked to encourage the graduates, some of whom received their GED, and others who received a variety of technical training certificates from Allegheny College, and various others.

As the Holy Spirit of God usually does, He pulled the old ‘encouragement boomerang’.  I was doing my part encouraging the inmates, their families who were in attendance, and the teachers/staff.  And afterwards I had a young man come up and witness to me how the Holy Spirit had changed him in prison.  He grew up in the church. but didn’t love Jesus.  He basically told me that he had to be incarcerated to fall in love with Jesus.  He said he wouldn’t change a thing because that’s what it took to give him a relationship with Jesus.  He said while he thought he was free before he went to prison, he didn’t realize he was actually imprisoned.  Now that he is imprisoned, because of Jesus, he is actually freer than he’s ever been.  He wants to go to seminary when he gets out of prison, but is happy to serve God in the prison as long as God sees fit to leave him there.

He didn’t ask me for anything.  He just encouraged me by telling me his story and telling me what an encouragement my presence and talk was to all of them.  The inmates have to pay for pictures they have taken in the visitor’s room.  They have the equivalent of a picture debit card.  He asked me to get two pictures taken with him.  One for him and one for his dad.  It was humbling.

And as He always does, when you work on behalf of Jesus, in His Name, and for His glory, He uses that ‘Jesus boomerang’ that brings the blessings you ‘throw’ right back to you.  It’s not called karma – it’s called God’s blessing.  And while we are blessed to be a blessing, we are also blessed when we become a blessing.




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